Those who stay on the coast cannot discover new oceans.“
The quote is attributed to Magellan (1480-1521). Still today, it has not lost its validity.

Whether you are realigning your organization, building a new organization, introducing new technologies and processes or managing a crisis - change processes are for companies like expeditions. 
THREE60° offers you "Expedition Leaders" for consultancy, interim and crisis management as well as change management -  knowledgeable, focused, pragmatic


Good, new organizational structures can only lead directly to better corporate results if the people who introduce the innovations and live in everyday life become active implementers. Both aspects are essential for success:


Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn
unless it achieves results.”

Ernest Shackleton, polar explorer and expedition leader (1874 – 1922)


It is the result that counts! The more experience on board, the better the preparation and equipment, the faster and safer you can achieve your goal. When management capacities are scarce and know-how helps to find the right paths more quickly: In line with the phase in which the "expedition" is currently underway, THREE60° supports companies in the maritime sector to achieve their entrepreneurial goals faster and better through:

  • Sparring – develop the best strategies, optimize and secure them through reflection
  • Consultancy – plan the implementation in the best possible way through neutral evaluation and consulting as well as additional know-how
  • Interim Management – focused realization, avoidance of delays caused by bottlenecks


Balance the Change

Resistance is not the primary reason why changes fail. The real problem is that leaders plan and roll out major changes in ways that create inertia, apathy, and opposition Rick Maurer, Maurer & Associates (*1945), 2018


In order to open up new waters, companies need a motivated, committed and persistent team. But only few people like to embark on a journey into an uncertain future. THREE60° systematically supports you in all phases of your "expedition" with proven, practical guidance and navigation instruments, e.g. the ActeeChange:

  • Create a climate of change – stakeholder analysis, development of change strategy, change management workshops 
  • Engaging & enabling the whole organisation – Status analysis of employees & project, derivation of effective leadership measures
  • Implementing & sustaining change – Consolidating success and anchoring it in the corporate culture

At your side in every project phase

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Your Expedition Leader

Dipl. Ing. Arne Wölper,

Managing Director THREE60°

… with vast practical background:

  • Consultant and interim manager for SMEs in the maritime industry and companies in transition
  • Vice President Technical & Marine Operations of the most successful, largest and rapidly expanding German cruise company, also responsibe for the crisis management
  • Managing Director of a medium-sized plant and steel construction company with a focus on turnaround, including the setup of a production facility in Asia and the restructuring of the production facilities in Poland
  • Managing Director of a service provider for port technologies with focus on outsourcing & merger / post-merger integration, cost management and total cost of ownership
  • Management of the technical division of an Europe-wide operating container handling and logistics group – step by step re-organisation of a workshop into a modern service provider
  • shipbuilding studies, supplemented by seafaring time and training in various companies of the maritime industry at home and abroad
  • Practical training of shipbuilding in all workshops of a shipyard in Northern Germany

  Engagement in/for international organisations:

  • Designated Person Committee der Carnival Corporation, Miami (2010 to 2013)
  • Initiator of the „Working Group China“ of the chamber of commerce, Stade (2007 to 2009)
  • Lecturer at the Bucerius Law School, Hamburg (2007 bis 2008)
  • International ISO committee „Van Carrier Stability“ (for many years)
  • Technical Committee „Industrial Vehicles“ of the German Harbour Technology Association (for many years)

Mitgliedschaften / Memberships:

THREE60° Arne Wölper . Jappopweg 9b . 25421 Pinneberg . Tel.: +49(0)4101-5388359 . Mob.: +49(0)174-8221171 .