Change-Management & ActeeChange

Change management = transforming resistance into commitment.

ActeeChange* is a concept with which proven theories on change processes can be combined and visualized in a surprisingly simple and clear way with your company-specific practice. Derivation and monitoring of measures with regard to leadership and management in a situation-specific manner to minimize friction losses, to implement your projects more quickly and with better results becomes a natural part of your change process.


The use of ActeeChange* creates a natural by-product: a common understanding of change processes and harmonized communication. The players no longer talk at across purposes - instead they experience mutual understanding and work together in one direction.


* formerly known as Changegesetter

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Clients Feedback

"ActeeChange* made it possible for our leadership team to experience a change of perspective. The visualization aspect of the tool brings disruption and obstacles to light during any phase of the change process. This transparency creates the basis for clear, target-orientated discussions about the next steps and differentiated solutions."


HR Manager, shipping company, restructuring project

"Initially when the ActeeChange* tool was explained to me, I was dubious as to whether it would be beneficial for our integration process as we had already assessed the capabilities and positions within the integration process of the key players (team leaders). However using the ActeeChange* tool gave a visual impression of exactly where all the key players were in relation where they should be. Seeing this on the ActeeChange* tool gave a much clearer indication of the situation and allowed for better planning for the next stages of the integration process."


Managing Director, shipping Industry, restructuring project


„The work with ActeeChange* supports in a convincing way the reconciliation of views in management circles. This is a significant contribution to change management.

Working with the tool helps participants to keep an eye on the relevant perspectives, discuss progress and plan next steps. The connectivity in our company is very high."


HR Director – DAK, health insurance company


"The symbolic boat and the miniature people proved very helpful - especially in our shipbuilding industry - in considering the relation of relevant players to the project: Are they already in the boat? Do they have to be brought on board? Or do they want nothing to do with the boat? Using the game board it was not difficult to explain the order of the necessary project steps. In addition, the project time scale along with interdependencies were also easy to illustrate."


HR Manager, shipbuilding industry, restructuring project

"The ActeeChange* system was very useful in helping us recognize which measures were necessary in which time period, as well as who was needed when for which measure. Particularly in our field of business, the phrase "in the boat" was very appropriate and served to create a positive attitude and understanding. It was very beneficial to observe the positions of the key project members from a different point of view. In so doing we were able to truly understand their thinking and responses."


Director After Sales, shipbuilding industry, project to develop of new business lines


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