Pragmatic crisis management = strengthened after the crisis!

Successful, practical crisis management is crucial for your company to emerge from a crisis stronger than before. On the basis of our 4-phase model, many years of practice as Head of Crisis Management of a well-known cruise line, head of many crisis teams as well as the implementation of various risk analyses, THREE60° offers you:


  • Phase 1 - before the introduction of crisis management: company-specific needs assessments, introductory workshops with managers, planning of the change process.
  • Phase 2 - before the onset of a crisis: risk analyses / FMEAs, definition of sensible prevention measures and ensuring their implementation, development of company-specific crisis processes, conducting crisis exercises.
  • Phase 3 - when the crisis has occurred: provision of a crisis manager in a staff function or as interim manager, organisation of crisis management incl. management of the crisis teams.
  • Phase 4 - when the crisis is over: analysis of the crisis management as well as the prevention measures with regard to improvement potentials, definition of the resulting measures and securing their implementation together with your key persons.


... as usual: knowledgeable, focused, pragmatic

A good example how to get out of the crisis again by a systematic, holistic approach:

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