Staying on course in case of lack of resources: If management tasks only need to be executed for a limited period of time, interim management offers fast and efficient solutions. Typical examples of the use of interim managers are:


  • Management of reorganisations and projects: The use of interim managers is particularly suitable for temporary projects or the establishment of new organisations that need extraordinary resources.
  • Use of expertise and experience: Almost every company comes into situations in which it enters unknown territory or the necessary competences are (still) lacking. Temporary managers with an appropriate background can offer safe guidance and build up skills.
  • Bridging vacancies: In the event of unforeseen vacancies due to a sudden failure or release of an executive, ad hoc interim managers can step in.


THREE60° offers you interim management with a focus on operative implementation. As a member of the German Society of Interim Management DDIM e.V., THREE60° is committed to its quality and compliance standards.

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